Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Studio One Theater

In the early 1970's the Lyric Theater got some competition in the form of the new Studio One Theater up on the hill. Perhaps it was in response to the growing population of the college as well as the many cutting edge movies being released.

This cinema was located in the building that now houses Ceritano's restaurant. You can still see where the ticket booth was located on the front left, angled slightly ahead of the entrance doors. Just inside was a lobby and concession stand, along with auditorium entrances on the left and right ... a typical design. The new seats were quite cushy and the showings were mostly first run movies, along with the occasional late night X-rated flick.
Do you remember when "streaking" was popular in the 70's? Yep, there was at least one streaking incident that I know of inside the theater, and possibly more.

In the street photo above you can just make out the marquee on the right. I wish I had a better shot. Can anyone tell what is playing?


  1. I used to live around the corner from the movie theater on Faculty X Progress and walked to many movies there. We used to go to to the Lyric and buy our popcorn and take it Studio 1 & 2. Many many movies there would only be 2 or 3 of us in there.

  2. It was also used as a natural history museum up until the early 2000's.

  3. I worked at Studio One for several months in the ticket booth --the most boring job I ever had and the two men I worked for were just awful Don was in school and it was the easiest job I could find. Easy can be very boring.

    After Studio One closed I believe it was the Science Museum and Tech ran it?

  4. That's where I saw the original Superman. I remember waiting in line and being very impatient.

  5. They used to have late night showings of the Monty Python flicks.

  6. I lived at the Lyric and Studio 1&2. Then the Capri Twin opened and I thought we'd hit the big time with 5 screens in town. My first failed attempt at kissing a girl I'd fallen for was at the Studio.