Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Marriott

When I first set foot in Blacksburg in 1970 this hotel sat out on Prices Fork Lane mostly by itself.  The road was just a regular old 2 lane road and there was no other commercialism (that I recall) in the immediate vicinity.  The hotel was across from the Tech golf course.

The Marriott got to be a hangout for many of us, especially when we were of legal drinking age.  Their lounge was called Jacob's Lantern and their famous house drink was the Jumpin' Jack Flash.  The cocktail menu suggested you book a room if you had more than 3 ..... can't remember the different liquors that went into that concoction!

At some point in time I remember going to the seafood buffet they had every week, but mostly we went there to get hammered on something other than beer.