Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Hokie House

Here's another place that has been around for decades.  Started in 1966 by George Willard, the building was the original bus station which moved to the adjacent corner.  The photo above was taken around 1967.  The Hokie House started life as a luncheonette with about 10 stools lining the counter.  The photo below is more how we remember the place.

The Hokie House was famous for the Hokie Burger, a delicious fresh ground burger served on buttered Texas toast.  At the time I think it was the best burger in town.  Their other specialties included homemade chili beans, vegetable soup, and BBQ.

Julie Willard told me that one of their cooks, a woman named Dolly, was there for 32 years.
Sometime in the 1970's George Willard put on a side addition, and in the rear was pool tables and pinball machines.  I remember shooting pool there and man did it get crowded as twosomes would slap their quarters on the table to challenge the winners.

George sold the business in 1993, but it's still going strong ... now with an upper level.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Lendy's Family Restaurant - Home of the Buddy Boy Hamburger

(Thanks to Twig Gravely for sending these photos)

I mentioned this place in an earlier post.  Lendy's was a great diner located in front of the Gables Shopping Center right on South Main.  There was also a "Buddy Boy" statue outside that this photo doesn't show.

My friends and I frequented this place a lot, especially in the late evenings when we were in "need" of food.  If we didn't get a full meal, then certainly we ordered the Hot Fudge Sundae along with coffee.

The rear entrance took you to a counter where you could get Kentucky Fried Chicken to go.  Yum.
Other menu treats were their hamburgers, fried shrimp and steak dinners, and Lendy's famous Strawberry Pie made with fresh berries year round.

The wait staff at Lendy's  (I presume)