Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Blacksburg Moon

Ok boys and girls, I had never heard of The Blacksburg Moon (an alternative newspaper) until recently when Jim Bovard emailed me and asked if I knew where to find a copy.  As it turns out, Jim used to write for the Moon and we were both able to find a couple of copies at the Tech library in Special Collections.  So today I'm going  to let Jim be the Guest Blogger -

" In late '75 and early '76, I wrote a few pieces for an alternative paper, The Blacksburg Moon. The Moon was big on bean sprouts and astrology, with drawings of naked hippies thrown in for no extra charge. The paper was printed on faded blue paper that looked like a remnant of a bad trip. I was fairly hidebound compared to their other contributors, which is why the editors put a subhead - "As Others See It" - atop my articles.

I am still trying to track down the issue that had my first article - printed next to a piece that contained a step-by-step guide to making free long distance calls (which, if memory serves, provoked a legal threat from Ma Bell). "

BIO:  Jim Bovard moved to Blacksburg before the start of his senior year in high school in 1973.  Jim said he has fond memories of hanging out at 117, and at Greeks II across from Books Strings & Things.   He left Blacksburg in 1979 and now lives in "colder climates", as he put it.  He eventually became a serious writer with numerous books to his credit.

Thanks, Jim, for enlightening us on a lost bit of Blacksburg history.

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