Monday, June 27, 2011

Neily's Book Store

Neily's Book Store,   217 College Avenue

As long as we're on College Avenue, let's visit Neily's Book Store .... one of the last buildings on the street before you hit campus.  Neily's was a private enterprise that directly competed with the college itself in providing books and supplies to students.  Currently the site of Jimmy John's, this was a great store that had a little bit of everything and also dealt in new and used books (back when it was much easier to buy used books because the text books used didn't change nearly as often as they do now).

When Neily's was up and running in the late 60's and into the 1970's there was no mammoth Tech Bookstore either across from the Tech library or on South Main Street.  If I remember correctly, book sales on campus took place in the back of Owens Dining Hall.


  1. Back when we used to compete with VMI still :)

  2. My cousin worked at Neily's and of course I used to drift in and out on a regular basis - everytime I went to visit Mr. Brown at the first "Hobby Shop" which was next to Neily's. In the early 60s I can remember an old metal diner being to the right of Neily's.

  3. Yep, bought quite a few textbooks there, still have a few I couldn't bring myself to sell when the time came.