Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Band Box

The Band Box   -   131 College Avenue

In the early 70's the Band Box was one of several record stores downtown with the typical open bin style of LP sorting where you just stood there flipping one after another until you got to the one you wanted.  Of course they were catagorized !

Located next to Little Doc's on College Avenue, the Band Box had the advantage of being the closest one to campus if only by a few yards .... and, like a bunch of other places in those early days, also sold "head" gear such as pipes and roach clips.  They may have even sold underground comics too, I just can't recall for sure.

Don't remember exactly when they went out of business, but I do remember buying plenty of vinyl there .... especially when they were in the midst of pricing wars with Books Strings & Things and Globe Records.

Note that the Grand Funk Railroad poster is advertising their appearance at the Salem Civic Center on December 4, 1970.  


  1. I bought the Duane Allman Anthology two-record set at the Band Box. It is still one of my favorites.

  2. I bough numerous LP's there too, and Grand Funk Railroad also played at VT, in the gym as I recall. Mark Farner bouncing all over the place. One of the early rock concerts at VT.