Monday, July 25, 2011


CARVERS       153 College Avenue

Gillies restaurant, currently at the corner of College and Draper, was once two different shops.  On the very corner was Dickerson's Jewelry and just to the left of that was Carver's Inc.  This was the space where Gillies first got started and sold their delicious ice cream.  They were both addressed as 153 College Avenue.

Carver's was the kind of place that college students browsed through quickly, or peered through the window at the displays of high end stereo equipment.  They sold Marantz amps and receivers, which was pretty snazzy stuff back then, as well as Fisher, Panasonic and other equivalent systems.  They sold anything related to component stereos but most of it was out of reach of a college student's pocket book.

Still it was cool having such a nice store right in downtown.  Globe records also sold stereo hi-fi equipment, and after Gillies moved in to Carver's space other places opened in town.  Personally, I'm sad that the small hi-fi shop seems to be a thing of the past.


  1. Wasn't the jewelry store on the corner Wall Jewelers? I remember when Gillie's opened, it occupied only half the space it has now as the jewelry store was still open. Jan opened it as Louis Sherry ice cream shop.

  2. Good memory. I thought the jewelry store was Dickerson's, though. Yeah I loved the ice cream at Gillies too.

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