Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday Night Fever

Remember Disco?

It came boogeying into the American culture sometime in the mid Seventies and didn't let go until MTV finally saved us with the Eighties genre of music.

But as long as it was here, then "After Sundown" was the place to be .... with swinging skirts and open shirts and a glitter ball hanging above the dance floor.  "After Sundown" was in the back of the building adjacent to the National Bank, the place that in 1970 was the Kroger building that later became a sort of mini-mall.  Today you know it as the Tech Bookstore, across the street from Cabo Fish Taco.

For those of you who never heard of Bill Deal and the Rondells (in the ad above) they were a pretty big deal (pun intended) in the Seventies .... except I sort of remember them being more associated with beach music.


  1. Both Nils Lofgren and the Bangles played at After Sundown. The original 38 Special played accross the street at 117 before they became a national act. Anyone remember Stillwater?

    1. I remember Stillwater very well. 117 South Main was always packed when the group came in from GA. Somewhere on Myspace there are some old pics of Stillwater playing at 117. I am in one (only see my back) near the downstairs bar, with an old roomate on the other side; near the side door. I recall the side door remained closed unless the place was really crowded?

  2. Yeah, I saw an old newspaper ad recently about the Bangles playing there ... sure surprised me.

  3. R.E.M. also played a gig at After Sundown ... I think on their Murmur tour. Although I was too young to go.

  4. Here's a flyer from the R.E.M. show - early 80's.

    Looks like Not Shakespeare was opening act.

    Saw those guys a bunch of times. They even played at Blacksburg High School. Ha!

  5. I was there when Nils Lofgren played. He'd just finished a concert on campus and wasn't done yet!!

  6. It's amazing...I lived in C-burg, but spent so much time in B-burg. It was the place to be. All of these places hold special memories for me. I celebrated my 17th birthday here with a fake i.d.!! I remember the old disco ball and all the guys dressed like John Travolta..too funny, but great times.