Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tech Drug Store

Pay no attention to that hippie in the foreground.

As mentioned earlier in a post about Corner Drug, the Tech Drug store was one of three located in the heart of downtown Blacksburg.  I can't say for sure, but I think Tech Drug may have been the smaller of the three.  The other one was Center Drug located across the street in the old Sharky's building.

Tech Drug was at 213 N Main Street where the right hand side of the College Emporium now resides.  The set-up was the same as the others ..... typical drug store items, a pharmacy, and a "soda shop" of sorts where you could grab a stool at the counter and order some lunch.

Tech Drug faded away and eventually became Partyrama, and the Center Drug became Dave's Hot Dogs.


  1. Don't forget Little Docs! I'll never forget when a guy approached me at UB and asked me to go down to Little Docs to get a bottle of A-200, (I think that's what it was called). After spending 5 minutes searching in vain for the product, Doc himself came to assist. "Can I help you find something?" he inquired. "Nah, I'm OK" was my reply. Without hesitation, he reached down on the bottom shelf and produced the item. "Is this what you are looking for?" To this day I cannot understand how he knew I was looking for a treatment for "body crabs and lice"!! Man, those were some strange days, yo?

  2. Funny story. Little Doc's has been on my "list" of future entries once I can find some photos.

  3. Little Doc's had the lunch counter. Great ice cream sodas.....

  4. I thought it was Corner Drug/

  5. Corner Drug had the counter for sure. I think little docs did as well.