Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Scotty's Radio and TV

Scotty's Radio & TV             3615 South Main Street

At the far south end of town was a popular place for starting or adding on to your hi-fi stereo equipment, or to purchase a tv set, or indulge in other electronic hobbies.  Scotty's was an authorized Lafayette dealer (I think I bought a Fisher amp there) as well as a Zenith TV dealer.  They also sold compact units that housed the turntable, receiver, and sometimes 8-track player all in one.

This place probably had the best selection in town for a variety of electronic equipment.  The kids here showing off the Sony display are listed as (from left to right)  Carol, Courtney, Cliff, Margaret, Dan, and Martha.  Anyone you know?


  1. That looks like a photo from the BHS yearbook. Courtenay Dean is the daughter of James (Jim) Dean, who was a big deal at Tech; Dan is Dan Johnson; and Martha is Martha Duncan whose father was the founder of Holiday Ford.

  2. Also shown are Carol Steiss, Cliff Bryant, and Margaret Giles. That was the 1976 Pow Wow, Indians forever!!!

  3. HA! This is most likely a sponsor spot for either our beloved yearbook or sports program. Most are from my class of '78. Love this

  4. Hey Dennis:

    I bought an 8-track stereo for the "Stang" from a place beside what is now Gillie's (there was a Kinko's there for a while). I'm thinking the name of the place was Harvey's Electronics. This would have been about 1976 soon after I graduated from high school (go Narrows Green Waves!). I upgraded to a cassette player in about 2000. Still haven't gotten the cd player. Maybe by the time microwave implants project to the dash speakers.