Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Lendy's Family Restaurant - Home of the Buddy Boy Hamburger

(Thanks to Twig Gravely for sending these photos)

I mentioned this place in an earlier post.  Lendy's was a great diner located in front of the Gables Shopping Center right on South Main.  There was also a "Buddy Boy" statue outside that this photo doesn't show.

My friends and I frequented this place a lot, especially in the late evenings when we were in "need" of food.  If we didn't get a full meal, then certainly we ordered the Hot Fudge Sundae along with coffee.

The rear entrance took you to a counter where you could get Kentucky Fried Chicken to go.  Yum.
Other menu treats were their hamburgers, fried shrimp and steak dinners, and Lendy's famous Strawberry Pie made with fresh berries year round.

The wait staff at Lendy's  (I presume)


  1. In the mid '70s there was a nice bar downstairs that served a wicked Blue Motorcycle (which is probably why I can't remember the name of the place).

  2. Downstairs was "The Inn of the Clock" ...

  3. I only knew this as various Mexican restaurants. How neat to see it in its original state. I also liked the architecture of it.

  4. I think Bruce is referring to the Sound Cellar. Blue Motorcycles, Singapore Slings, and disco. Quite the dangerous combination!

  5. God I loved this place. so good to see old pics of it wish you had some of the old gables shopping center

  6. Our family ate there frequently around 1968-70 - they had an orange drink I liked - was probably just sugar water.

  7. For more pics, its back