Friday, May 1, 2009

Another Downtown View

Someone stood in the median up the hill, perhaps near Cooks Clean Center, to get this south facing shot. The whitish portion of the building to the right is, of course, Corner Drug. This was one of at least three drugstores that existed downtown around 1970. I wish I had a nice closeup of Corner Drug ...... anyone reading this that may have such a shot please email it to me so I can include it on this Blog. Thanks.
In the front of Corner Drug, facing College Avenue, was a lunch counter that had pretty decent food. I remember going in there during summer days and getting a chocolate milkshake now and then. You could get a "Thicka" shake or a "Bigga" shake if I am remembering correctly.
Also, they had the usual sundries that a drugstore would carry and a true pharmacy in back.

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  1. I used to camp out in the Corner Drug and read all of the comic books. My parents had 'an account' there, as I think many parents did. I'd go in, sometimes with my sister, and get those comic books and other curiosities.