Friday, May 1, 2009

A View of Downtown

This is a view of downtown Blacksburg way back when cars could park on Main Street. To orient yourself, see the post office in the distance just left of center with the flag in front. The bank, which is now Wachovia, was the First National Exchange Bank. This picture seems to be taken near the front door of Corner Drug (currently "Moe's") looking south.
If you continued walking in the direction of the photo, the next place of business would have been Ridinger's Hardware (currently "More Than Coffee"), followed by the College Inn. I personally loved College Inn and ate breakfast and lunch there quite often. Friendly folks and good down home cooking. Arno would often greet you as you walked in the door, while leaning on the back counter smoking a cigarette. The two others I remember are Mrs. Smith and a sweet lady who waited on me often, by the name of Ruth.

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