Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joe's Jail

A balding and bearded older fellow named Joe Calloway had a little shop near Progress Street in which he created jewelry and leather goods, as well as other creations that he learned to make as a young boy growing up in India.

I don't know exactly how long Joe had this particular shop.  He eventually opened his studio in a room at the rear of his house.

Joe was a resident of Blacksburg for many years, and in 1976 he packed his bags and went to Colorado.  I heard a rumor recently that Joe may have perished in a swimming accident.  I hope it's not true.

My wife still has a leather hair piece that Joe made in the early 1970's, and she cherishes it.


  1. I remember Joe's Jail and Bob Moon...I dated the latter. I loved Joe's work.

  2. I still have my hippie leather vest from Joe's Jail. Likely, I'll be buried with it. Thanks so so much for the photo of him. I'm pinning this to the vest.