Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hippie Food

Hippies smoked grass and ate nuts and berries, right?  Or was it the other way around?  Whichever it was, their needs for the latter were filled primarily by two groovy stores in town, one called Eats and the other was Frog Hollow.  

Eats started out on College Avenue, accessed through Fringe Benefit and located above Neilys Bookstore, and was about the size of someone's bedroom.  In 1974 it was purchased by Stan Davis and is still owned and run by him today (they are now on Main Street across from Prices Fork Road).  When they left their College Ave location they moved to two different spots on North Main Street, then a short time on South Main, and now at their current spot.

Frog Hollow began on Progress Street in the big building across from the fire station.  Later, they moved to the Barrel Mall behind Appalachian Outfitters.

Both places were quite popular among the natural foods crowd, and featured foods like natural peanut butter, honey, raw nuts, cheeses, granola, dried fruits, freshly ground flour .... much of which was sold in bulk.  They also carried vitamins, herbs, teas, and soaps.


  1. Natural Nancy owned Frog Hollow.

  2. Then in the '80s there was Annie Kay's, which started out as the Ananda Market. But I guess Clark (Karmarasa) has moved on.

  3. loved Eats (i lived in bburg 78-82); i used to buy a lot of "gorp" there to munch on during exams. they had barrels of all that stuff and you scooped it out and into big brown paper sacks - it was cheap enough for a student to buy. they also sold tahini - you brought in your own container which they weighed and they ladled it out of a big barrel!