Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blouses and Beer

215 North Main proved to be a busy location as businesses came and went, both upstairs and down.  Before there was Flipper McCoy there was a women's clothing boutique named Joli's which later became Jamie's ..... both run by Jim (aka "Jimbo") and Ann Cannon.

The upstairs of the same building eventually became yet another drinking establishment (there's never enough of them in a college town, huh?) starting with the Campus Club.  It was a good thing not to be drunk before climbing the metal stairs at the back of the building.  I don't remember how long Campus Club lasted but most of you old timers know it later became the Ton 80 club, best known for it's dart boards and the (then) largest selection of beers anywhere in town.


  1. I started working a Joli Boutique when I was 14. My dad was Jim's advisor at Va. Tech, so that's how I met him. It was my first job- I am sure I was a pretty worthless employee but I sure had a great time there. Whatever happened to Jim and Ann? And Jim's sister, Debbie?

  2. I think Jim and Ann got a divorce. I saw Jimbo in town a few years ago, their daughter was going to Tech. I have no idea where Debbie is. I just remember that she like to swim nude in our backyard pool on Hemlock Drive. Nobody minded.

  3. I used to babysit Nate, Debbie's baby. He's gotta be in his mid 30's now. That's a weird thought.