Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Here's another place that was a staple in the 70's, but once again I need help from the readers out there.  For some reason this was not a place I frequented much.  In fact I may have been in Ironman's maybe once or twice that I can recall.

I seem to remember they had live music occasionally, in the evenings.  In terms of location I thought it was to the left of Cook's Clean Center, in the space now occupied by Mike's Grill.  However, the ad above gives the address as 409 Main and the current address of Mike's is 418 North Main ..... but it could be just some kind of renumbering that occurred some time ago.

I still get a kick out of these old newspaper ads though.  PBR and Schlitz were big sellers back then .... and if I'm reading this one right a whole six-pack was only 99 cents!

Ok, so please fill up the Comments on this one with personal memories.  Oh by the way, this ad came out in 1971 and it appears that Ironman's had just gotten new managers.


  1. My Daddy and Mom used to go on dates there and get 2 steaks for $4.95 w/ salad and bake potato.

  2. Okay, let's see if we can figure this out. To the left of Cooks was a restaurant called Sportsman's Center (I think) Since your ad is for a grand opening "under new management", my guess is it was sold right after I left. Yes, renumbering DID occur 1971ish. When I lived on N Main, our address was 312 N Main. Today my house is now numbered 318.

  3. I'm thinking the Sportsman Center might have been on Wilson, just right around the corner .... pool hall, right?

  4. I was in Blacksburg from 1967 to 1972, Class of 71, and I, too, recall it as the Sports Center, although it may have been Sportsman. Next to Cooks and, yes, the TDC was the best damn sandwich in Blacksburg at the time. When I came to Columbia to law school, I found a restaurant that made a decent replica of the TDC, but it wasn't the TDC I remembered as I waited for my laundry next door.