Friday, November 4, 2011


Not sure what parade this might have been, but the picture is from 1970 or 1971.    This Mustang full of beauties is passing by Globe Records and Roses.  Anyone know who the girls are?


  1. cant comment on the passengers but the car looks like a '68 shelby mustang. very rare, especially done up with hubcaps. worth over 100k today.

    1. Yup! Shelby GT500 KR. They had no idea then what that car would be worth today!

  2. Don't know the young ladies, but I sure know Globe Records. Saturday was allowance day for me and I think I recall getting 50 cents a week. I can't remember what 45s cost back then, but Carol was awesome about letting me come in and ask to hear a song. She would play it and I would earn enough money to get it if I liked it. I had a small record box that was nearly full by the time I was in in 8th grade. I can still see many of those labels in my mind. Unfortunately, when Donaldson Brown was built and the first chain motel on Prices Forks was established, my mother's tourist inn began to be crushed by the big businesses that hosted visitors on game weekends, dance weekends and graduation weekends. There just wasn't enough stable business to continue renting out rooms in our house. We had an auction sale of all the furnishings and because we were going to have to move into an apartment, a whole lot of my own personal items were placed in the sale. I have been a hoarder since I was very small - and it was really hard on me seeing people walking away with MY STUFF in their arms. My little cousin Dennis came with his parents and they won the bid on a lot of my stuff. I can remember him walking by me with my record box in his arms. "Look what I got!" he said. I never knew it was put in the sale until he said that. maybe not all my memories are good. LOL Anyway, I spent a whole lot of money (at least to me it was) at Globe Records. Thanks Carol McCoy for your patience and love! I later saw her working at the Town of Blacksburg Building