Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In Hot Pursuit

Sometime in the early 1970's, the Blacksburg Police Department experimented with the use of VW Beetles in their fleet of vehicles.  Needless to say, it wasn't much of a threat in a high speed chase (not that that was a very common occurrence in this small town).  Still, the little dark blue Bugs with the Blacksburg town logo on the side tended to make you smile.

I've asked the folks on the current police force about this bit of history, but there doesn't seem to be anyone around who remembers..... and as I recall it didn't last long.

Main Street

Barnett's Dress Shop                           201 North Main Street

A motorist brushes off the heavy snowfall in the winter of 1974 in this shot.

He is parked in front of Barnett's Dress Shop at the corner of Main and Jackson.  Sorry, but I can't tell you a thing about this clothing store ..... don't remember ever setting foot in there.

This building is currently the site of Poor Billy's Seafood restaurant.