Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gettin' Outta Town

A solitary students awaits the Trailways bus to head home

Transportation needs were a lot different in the 1970's.  Today it seems like everyone over 16 must have their own car (although I hope that's an exaggeration).  So, your choices were to take your clunker home for the holidays OR catch a ride with a friend OR take your chances with your feet and thumb out on the highway OR possibly take the bus.

You know, this made me think .... it really is rare to see hitchhikers anymore.  I can't tell you how many times I hitched rides (either alone or with a buddy) to the DC area, and once to southern Florida.

Anyway, at least a long time ago you could go up to the Continental Trailways Bus Terminal located at 400 North Main, opposite the Hokie House at the top of the hill.  Now you have to go to Christiansburg to catch a bus.


  1. "Charlie" Traxel was often the first people arriving in Blacksburg saw. Whenever I saw a bus heading up the hill, I would take off running to get there before it did. As it came to a stop, I'd be standing on the step waving to people. I guess you could say I was Blacksburg's unofficial town welcoming committee. It also helped that I hung out there alot anyway because it was where Taylor Electric was located and, well, let's just say I had a close friend who worked there. RIP BH

  2. In 75-76, I would sometime go up the hill just to get a little diesel fumes...bit of the city!

  3. I hitched, rode the bus (once was enough), and got around on borrowed motorbikes my first year at VT (66-67) but brought a car down the next year. From then on it was me giving hitch-hikers rides up to NOVA.

  4. Through miscommunication, or indifference (probably a bit of both), I missed my ride from Richmond back to Tech one time around 1986 and had to take the bus. Upon arriving here at the bus station, I no sooner walked out and bumped into a couple of friends driving by, so I didn't even need to walk back to my apartment. That little bit of luck is one of my fond memories of my years in Blacksburg.

    1. I never did find out why my ride simply left me behind...