Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Water Closet

The Water Closet                           209 College Avenue

I kept hoping to find a good street scene photo of this place but never could.  The Water Closet came along sometime in the mid-70s and was located to the right of Little Doc's on College Avenue.  It was a pretty cool store that sold water beds (all the rage back then .... and yes, I had one).

They also sold beanbag chairs, "head" gear, and black lights.  There was an upstairs and a downstairs section and carried some stereo equipment as well.

Looking at this ad I wondered what constituted a true Bong emergency, but I don't doubt that it might have happened from time to time.  I assume the Collegiate Times wouldn't be able to post an ad like this today!

A blog reader sent me this photo of his ash tray some time ago.  At least someone still has a souvenir of the joint.  Anyone else have a memory of The Water Closet?


  1. Somewhere around '71 to '72 there was a store called "The Amazing Waterbed Store" selling, you guessed it - waterbeds. It was inside the building behind "Books, Strings, and Things".

  2. In 1981, the head shop ban went into effect, and the Water Closet closed. Stripped of its' beautiful natural wood interiors and decorative gazebos, it was replaced by Steve's Hot Dogs. Seeing the gleaming white sheetrock walls, the giant cheesy VA TECH mural, and the long Burger King Red lunch counter extending down the length of the place, it was the most obnoxious example of the changing social barometer as Virginia entered the 80's. I fled to Richmond shortly thereafter.

  3. Me and hubby bought a Jimmy Carter Peanut shaped bong there. Loved that place.

  4. Another place perhaps considering if you can find any reference to it... "DaVincis Attic" which was on the second floor of one of the College Avenue businesses... maybe over Gille's? I don't recall exactly. But it was a very eclectic store filled with telescopes and microscopes and all kinds of interesting science themed stuff. It could have only existed in a place like Blacksburg.

    Another place I have not seen mentioned is The Jock Shop which came around in the late 70s or early 80s.