Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Books - From Woodstock To Eternity / White Cat

Just got an email from John D. Cooper who was a singer with the popular band Andromeda.   John has written a book entitled "From Woodstock To Eternity" and it is for sale through Amazon.

If you want to wait to get an autographed copy, John will be doing a book signing at Gillies during this year's Steppin' Out festival on August 5 and 6.

I have not read this book but it seems to have very good reviews.


Also, an old acquaintance of mine wrote a fantastic book about his life (somewhat fictionalized as he changed the names of people and places) in Blacksburg and beyond.  The old-timers around town might have known this author as Tom Thumb, but his real name is Will Sarvis.  The book is "White Cat" and is also available on Amazon.  A big part of the enjoyment (for me) was figuring out what individuals he was talking about.  A very gut-wrenching part of the book dealt with the tragic loss of a friend who was run down and killed while riding his motorcycle.  All-in-all it is extremely well written and I enjoyed it so much I was sorry when the book ended .... I wanted more!

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